Application of Minimalist House Fence

Minimalist house is always synonymous with everything that is simple, functional, but still dynamic answer the needs of its inhabitants. The minimalist house facade tends to be the same as the geometric line and the color choices are simple. Looking at the design of the house with a minimalist design facade isRead More

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The idea of a Terrace Design in a Minimalist House

Minimalist house now continues to be a growing trend. Not only the interior area is displayed minimalist, exterior areas such as parks, terraces, ponds can also be made with minimalist home design trends. Just like the terrace is not only a room that meperindah garden house however. can be usedRead More

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Application of Minimalist House Fence

Minimalist house is always synonymous with everything that is simple, functional, but still dynamic answer the needs of its inhabitants. The minimalist house facade tends to be the same as the geometric line and the color choices are simple. Looking at the design of the house with a minimalist design facade is usually a lot of things that determine the aesthetics of minimalist dwelling look sweet. One of them with a fence on the dwelling. In a minimalist home fence, the majority use iron fences with straight lines are neat and smooth. Fences are part of the house that is not less important.Security from all forms of outdoor activity to comfort in privacy. But now not a few minimalist homes are sold in the market by using a fence made of iron material. Then how about the selection of fences with materials other than iron in the house design minimalist?

Well … minimalist home wood fence applications may be rare. Even so, the wooden fence is a type of wooden fence is quite widely used. To showcase ethnic home style, traditional, classic, and charming. By using a wooden fence, the facade of the house looks more different. Of course, wooden fences can also support the beauty of the dwelling. Wooden fence is more suitable if applied to homes that have ethnic design.

Choosing a wooden fence on the house should be solid and strong. Of course, in addition to tailored to the theme of the house is also tailored to your desire and financial condition. Architect Irwan Soeryopati admitted that in Indonesia is rarely a house that uses wood as a fence material, “In Indonesia is rarely a house that uses wood as a fence material. Even if there are, usually the houses in luxury housing and elite, “said architect Irwan Soeryopati. Generally, wooden fences in housing in Indonesia are brown and large boxy. Yes … making a house fence do need preparation.

Ever seen a house in the Americas? The majority of them use wooden fences. There are generally picket-shaped fence or cagak wooden fences are planted into the ground around the yard of the house. At one point a door was built that could be swung in or out. This type of fence will sweeten the look of a minimalist home and will certainly give the impression of a quiet and natural village. The wood is commonly used in other countries more diverse than in Indonesia.

There is a kind of cedarwood, teak and oak wood. But here, the common wood used is teak only because it is only a teak tree that many found in the forests of Indonesia. Often they are sold to the USA in places like Houston Texas and Washington as well as to countries in central Europe. If there is a garden around your minimalist home, of course, increasingly complement the minimalist home facade in the know more in the interest. Although today many dream homes with modern minimalist design.

Minimalist home design abroad also began many who use wood. Like the minimalist home inspiration that was launched from this site. Then what about the treatment on the wooden fence? Irwan the architect also added, “Wood is a living element. So if exposed to heat and rain will surely react. Either it becomes moldy or mossy or even cracked. Maybe it is one of the weaknesses of wood fences yes, “said Irwan.

Then how to keep the wooden fence in a minimalist house still look beautiful and well groomed? Once a week take time to take care of him. May be combined with your gardening activities. Make sure you wipe the wooden fence with a special medicine for wood to avoid mold and mildew. You can also apply varnish on the surface of the wooden fence. Varnishes will prevent the growth of living organisms on wood. So, a minimalist home can also look nice. Back you that determines that a minimalist home can also appear in style as well as cost. This means adjusting to your needs, wants, and financial condition.

Visit also around the minimalist house in 2012 that could be your comparison in applying minimalist house to the seisinya. May be useful!

The idea of a Terrace Design in a Minimalist House

Minimalist house now continues to be a growing trend. Not only the interior area is displayed minimalist, exterior areas such as parks, terraces, ponds can also be made with minimalist home design trends. Just like the terrace is not only a room that meperindah garden house however.

can be used as a place of relaxation inhabitants of the house. In general, the terrace is part of the house that serves as a link between the environment outside the park and in the house. Like the interior, the exterior of the house also has ruangn that formed as on the terrace. Park as an area outside the house is a terrace companion that is also located in front of the house.

The terrace also has a floor with basic materials can be very flexible, be it using wood, ceramics, or natural stones with a rough texture. Rough texture is certainly needed to prevent slippage when the porch is wet by the rain. For areas facing outer space or garden, should not be placed the wall, especially the massive. The idea of a minimalist home terrace design also needs additional wood railing (balustrades), low walls of cement (bales) or balusterade as a barrier with a garden area should be aligned with the terrace as a whole. However, to note the existence of the ledge will add beautiful or even justruk make shortness of space.

The existence of the roof is also important, because the roof is a shelter terrace from the sun exposure maupum rain water spray. For the color selection, white on the terrace will create a fresh, neat, and clean porch. Meanwhile, black color capable mengayanganokan warm atmosphere, character, and elegant. So it is very fitting if you mix to give a touch of comfort on the porch.

By presenting a terrace on a minimalist home, it turns out the terrace is also important for health. That’s why attention to color, design needs to be considered. Whether it’s the main color or the base color, white can be an option. But do not close the possibility for you if you want to combine colors to adjust the elements of nature or green park. So, the terrace must be considered by making attractive design for the house also gives a beautiful impression. If the terrace is beautiful, you can be sure the event welcomes guests was fun. Few additional tips for you, modifying the roof of a column can improve the quality of the terrace. Coated with natural stone or combined with paint, so as to create a beautiful terrace appearance.

It would be more fun if the terrace in a minimalist home made as comfortable as possible. Here are tips to make the patio feel good:

Paint Furnishings With Bright Color

Each color must have its own effect. Like the color psychology that we can also read on this site. With the painting process is the easiest way to give a fresh, fresh, and comfortable feel to the terrace. In order not boring try to paint back the furniture that is on the porch of the house such as chairs, benches, and tables. Paint the furniture with a bright or striking color that gives a unique impression.

Pair Color

Blending colors To create a new and fun atmosphere, you can also paint the furniture that is on the terrace of the house with a wide range of colors. For example, paint the walls on a cream-colored terrace, then you can put the furniture with striking colors, like green, orange, and so forth. That way, the atmosphere of a small terrace or garden in your home becomes more comfortable and enjoyable.

Add Accessories

Add a pillow to make you and your family comfortable while on the terrace, add a pillow that can be placed on the sofa. You can choose the pillow sesui with the desired material. However, do not forget also to diligently clean it because the pillows that are outside usually gets dirty faster. That’s how to make a comfortable home terrace. If a comfortable home terrace has been created, then you and your family will feel at ease to spend time together. A comfortable home terrace can also strengthen relationships between family members.

Always update information on interior design from tips on making a one-story house design to a dream house with other modern designs.

Inspiration of Minimalist Living Room Design

Minimalist house is predicted to continue to go fast. Throughout 2013 many developers are presenting a minimalist style in the dwelling. Not only limited land area but also supported by the needs of residents. Discussing the design of a minimalist house not only seen from the facade but support for family members activities. functional, practical, and still looks dynamic. But sometimes, minimalist homes are often associated with things that are monotonous, not daring with color games, and more. Now in 2013 minimalist style house still remains a trend and growing. Not only on the facade alone, minimalist home design also creep into the interior of the house. For example in the living room area, family room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and others.

This time the house design will review the interior design of the living room. One of them with the inspiration of minimalist living room design that is now also no less a trend. The proper design of the living room will make the room comfortable. A special guest room in the house is very important, because in the guest room we host the neighbors, relatives and people who visit.

In the living room there is usually an overstuffed sofa, with windows that provide views to the garden or home page. But not all living rooms take notice of some important factors to keep up with the modern, inspiring and cool living room interior design concept, which will make your guests feel at home in the living room. Like the various collections of minimalist home design last 2012, minimalist living room design is now still not much different but more daring in choosing a color.

Minimal space demands home residents to be able to design space in a practical and functional. Not only a minimalist family room, of course, for the living room, the first impression that appears when a visiting guest is while in the living room. Character homeowners can be measured from the living room.

So what if the living room is not too broad? Many creative ways to organize a minimalist small living room to get a broad impression and more character.

Furniture Minimalis

Choosing furniture for minimalist space needs to be considered. As in the design of a minimalist home kitchen, using a minimalist furniture in the living room by choosing a sofa, table, chairs are medium size or in accordance with the living room area. Choose also some simple design with a symmetrical furniture and not much ornament, thereby reducing the impression excessive. You can use a multi-purpose furniture or easy-to-order stool to make room look spacious.

Color So Determinants

Choice of interior color or furniture that is commensurate with the color of the living room, will certainly add a more beautiful atmosphere and feel more alive. In addition you can do a soft colorful game to get a broad impression. Soft pastel colors like beige, white, ivory yellow, lime yellow, and toska are easy to combine with various types of furniture.

Accessories are not excessive

Avoid putting accessories or interior in the living room to the extent that the space does not seem narrow. Laying a mirror on space can also make the room look spacious, because the mirror character that reflects all the images or elements in front of it.

Play Aksen

Playing with an accent? Vocal point is focusing the view at one point. The goal, when viewing the room, the eyes of someone directly fixed at that point. This is to give the impression of a room that gives a thick and luxurious feel. You can make a table or sofa selected for vocal point in the family room. therefore, set the position of the sofa and table so that the center of attention in the living room as well as in other spaces.

Kitchen Design Minimalist

Minimalist kitchen design is now a choice of many people. How come? Minimalist design is now quite dynamic to answer the needs of its inhabitants. In addition to functional and dynamic, minimalist home kitchen in modern design that continues to grow. Minimalist kitchen is the choice of many people in the design of the house today. However, often most of them experience confusion in choosing or making the design in accordance with the space or space that is used for the kitchen because in reality we often only have a relatively small space and narrow.

Minimalist kitchen is actually more likely to combine the cooking room with the dining room or family gathering. Therefore, it is better to choose the design in accordance with the wishes of residents and also families because not only our own who use the room. To design a minimalist little kitchen should not choose a color that is too dark because this will actually make the kitchen space look more narrow. Choose a bright color like white that can give the impression of the room. However, if choosing a white color, of course, must be consistent with the choice. Especially always keep the good cleanliness of the wall or the cleanliness of some household furniture so as to give the impression of a good looking and not seedy.

Then how the selection of tiny kitchen colors with colors other than white on the wall? Make the color white as the basic color in the kitchen minimalist. Modern minimalist home kitchen design may be a reference but the rest we can creations and solid match with bright colors such as green nan bright, yellow, blue and other bright colors. As an example on the kitchen design below. Although the color in combination with the fuschia pink color, the tiny kitchen still emphasizes the basic colors such as white and soft gray. This certainly avoid narrow in the kitchen minimalist minimalist.

Not much different from the minimalist kitchen at the top, yellow is selected in a tiny kitchen to give the impression of a wide selection of colors. Bright yellow close to the window openings in unified white basic colors make the kitchen minimalist still can look modern and look bright.

white bright yellow kitchen fitted units modernist formica real home window cooker not used l etc 10/2006 p114

In this minimalist kitchen, all furniture should be set in such a way that everything can be arranged neatly. Not only that, minimalism in style and cost also need to be considered. Do not let the cost of swell just because you want to look modern minimalist. Indeed, minimalist kitchen design should prioritize and adjust the needs of its inhabitants. If still confused in looking for a minimalist minimalist kitchen design that fits, below there are some pictures of minimalist kitchen design that can be a reference material for you.

Did you know that the colorful kitchen is believed to be able to generate energy? Kitchen minimalist blend of red, white, and gray this could be your reference. Although the room feels cramped, minimalist kitchen still look nice right?

Be creative with the game of small tiles on the wall? Could be an attractive accent choice! White still dominate the kitchen to impress broad and that needs to be considered is the cleanliness of your kitchen. So no problem when combining the dining room and kitchen as long as the cleanliness is maintained.

Minimalist in dominance with wooden kitchen furniture sets? Not only a classic look, minimalist little kitchen increasingly beautiful and character.

If there is no other choice, white is the only color that is most appropriate for the color in your kitchen. Create a different impression and play through the accent of flower vases, frames, pendants and other accessories to make the kitchen look alive

Minimalist Design Child Bedroom

Minimalist always appear to be a trend and always in demand. Trends of minimalist design is penetrated into various designs in every corner of the house. No exception from the design of the house starting from the living room, family room, kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom to child bedroom in particular.

Exploring ideas and inspiration for minimalist design is not easy but the minimalist design of the child’s bedroom can be tailored to the needs and likes of the child. Certainly a beautiful momentum when children have their own privacy. For a child having his own room is a very important thing. This is so that children are better able to recognize himself. Likewise for parents to be able to give freedom, self-taught and responsibility to the child to organize and organize his privacy space.

Bedrooms minimalist design of the baby not only provides space for bed and study table only. Indeed the bedroom tailored to the character of the child. For example with you looking for inspiration collection of examples of minimalist home design as the color selection of space. Special treatment in decorating and designing a minimalist style in the child’s bedroom is also the main thing. Need to know decorating the child’s room is not as simple as painting a room with cheerful colors or add a cartoon ornament to a superhero. Before deciding to do everything in the design and decoration of the minimalist bedroom in the child, first thing to do is to talk to your child about whatever he likes.

Designing a minimalist room for children may not be as easy as when you design a minimalist home kitchen. But keep in mind that who will occupy the room is the little one. So, it is important to hear the child’s opinion to make the room decoration as he wants. You can grant the wishes of all or grant some of them according to ability. Importantly, involve your little one early in decorating his room. The more he is involved, the little will increasingly feel having his room and would be responsible for taking care of his room later.

Try to talk to your child about the choice of paint color of his bedroom wall. Color has an influence on a person, through visual and psychological. Most people will feel comfortable when a color can represent something he likes in life. For example, soft blue tends to remind people of the blue sky and psychologically will create a sense of calm. That is the importance of talking to a child when he is given the confidence of managing his own bedroom. Uniting the desire and comfort in the child’s room should be considered by parents.

So what about the child’s bedroom design style minimalist? For minimalist bedroom generally apply neutral colors like beige, brown, to white. Like a variety of examples of minimalist home design that gives the impression of a sweeter interior like here. White color may be regarded as the most common and common color but the psychological effects generated through this color can give a strong impression to bring a sense of calm, warm, and comfortable. Encourage children to get closer with nature with minimalist bedroom design through the application of wall paint brown and green. Cool, calm, and still warm in the room will give a comfortable impression when children perform activities in his personal space.

Before mengaplikaskannya, make sure you and the baby has agreed on the paint color of the wall that has been selected. The same thing should also apply when choosing a desk or wardrobe. Prepare an easy-to-reach corner to put her toys to make her feel that this room is entirely her own. After choosing paint and decorating the room, another important step is to choose a bed. As well as decorate the room, this bed should also involve the little one. Take him to the store to see the model of the bed that is about right for him. Have your child try to sit or lie down for a while to see if he is comfortable with the bed. This is important because the bed is not to be worn for a year or two. If from the beginning your baby is uncomfortable, you buy a useless item. Happy to be creative with your child. May be useful!

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