Application of Minimalist House Fence

Minimalist house is always synonymous with everything that is simple, functional, but still dynamic answer the needs of its inhabitants. The minimalist house facade tends to be the same as the geometric line and the color choices are simple. Looking at the design of the house with a minimalist design facade is usually a lot of things that determine the aesthetics of minimalist dwelling look sweet. One of them with a fence on the dwelling. In a minimalist home fence, the majority use iron fences with straight lines are neat and smooth. Fences are part of the house that is not less important.Security from all forms of outdoor activity to comfort in privacy. But now not a few minimalist homes are sold in the market by using a fence made of iron material. Then how about the selection of fences with materials other than iron in the house design minimalist?

Well … minimalist home wood fence applications may be rare. Even so, the wooden fence is a type of wooden fence is quite widely used. To showcase ethnic home style, traditional, classic, and charming. By using a wooden fence, the facade of the house looks more different. Of course, wooden fences can also support the beauty of the dwelling. Wooden fence is more suitable if applied to homes that have ethnic design.

Choosing a wooden fence on the house should be solid and strong. Of course, in addition to tailored to the theme of the house is also tailored to your desire and financial condition. Architect Irwan Soeryopati admitted that in Indonesia is rarely a house that uses wood as a fence material, “In Indonesia is rarely a house that uses wood as a fence material. Even if there are, usually the houses in luxury housing and elite, “said architect Irwan Soeryopati. Generally, wooden fences in housing in Indonesia are brown and large boxy. Yes … making a house fence do need preparation.

Ever seen a house in the Americas? The majority of them use wooden fences. There are generally picket-shaped fence or cagak wooden fences are planted into the ground around the yard of the house. At one point a door was built that could be swung in or out. This type of fence will sweeten the look of a minimalist home and will certainly give the impression of a quiet and natural village. The wood is commonly used in other countries more diverse than in Indonesia.

There is a kind of cedarwood, teak and oak wood. But here, the common wood used is teak only because it is only a teak tree that many found in the forests of Indonesia. Often they are sold to the USA in places like Houston Texas and Washington as well as to countries in central Europe. If there is a garden around your minimalist home, of course, increasingly complement the minimalist home facade in the know more in the interest. Although today many dream homes with modern minimalist design.

Minimalist home design abroad also began many who use wood. Like the minimalist home inspiration that was launched from this site. Then what about the treatment on the wooden fence? Irwan the architect also added, “Wood is a living element. So if exposed to heat and rain will surely react. Either it becomes moldy or mossy or even cracked. Maybe it is one of the weaknesses of wood fences yes, “said Irwan.

Then how to keep the wooden fence in a minimalist house still look beautiful and well groomed? Once a week take time to take care of him. May be combined with your gardening activities. Make sure you wipe the wooden fence with a special medicine for wood to avoid mold and mildew. You can also apply varnish on the surface of the wooden fence. Varnishes will prevent the growth of living organisms on wood. So, a minimalist home can also look nice. Back you that determines that a minimalist home can also appear in style as well as cost. This means adjusting to your needs, wants, and financial condition.

Visit also around the minimalist house in 2012 that could be your comparison in applying minimalist house to the seisinya. May be useful!

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  1. Kyra Hill says:

    Great Ideas.. loved it all. But I cannot find photos of the back of the gate, do you have more information?

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