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Minimalist kitchen design is now a choice of many people. How come? Minimalist design is now quite dynamic to answer the needs of its inhabitants. In addition to functional and dynamic, minimalist home kitchen in modern design that continues to grow. Minimalist kitchen is the choice of many people in the design of the house today. However, often most of them experience confusion in choosing or making the design in accordance with the space or space that is used for the kitchen because in reality we often only have a relatively small space and narrow.

Minimalist kitchen is actually more likely to combine the cooking room with the dining room or family gathering. Therefore, it is better to choose the design in accordance with the wishes of residents and also families because not only our own who use the room. To design a minimalist little kitchen should not choose a color that is too dark because this will actually make the kitchen space look more narrow. Choose a bright color like white that can give the impression of the room. However, if choosing a white color, of course, must be consistent with the choice. Especially always keep the good cleanliness of the wall or the cleanliness of some household furniture so as to give the impression of a good looking and not seedy.

Then how the selection of tiny kitchen colors with colors other than white on the wall? Make the color white as the basic color in the kitchen minimalist. Modern minimalist home kitchen design may be a reference but the rest we can creations and solid match with bright colors such as green nan bright, yellow, blue and other bright colors. As an example on the kitchen design below. Although the color in combination with the fuschia pink color, the tiny kitchen still emphasizes the basic colors such as white and soft gray. This certainly avoid narrow in the kitchen minimalist minimalist.

Not much different from the minimalist kitchen at the top, yellow is selected in a tiny kitchen to give the impression of a wide selection of colors. Bright yellow close to the window openings in unified white basic colors make the kitchen minimalist still can look modern and look bright.

white bright yellow kitchen fitted units modernist formica real home window cooker not used l etc 10/2006 p114

In this minimalist kitchen, all furniture should be set in such a way that everything can be arranged neatly. Not only that, minimalism in style and cost also need to be considered. Do not let the cost of swell just because you want to look modern minimalist. Indeed, minimalist kitchen design should prioritize and adjust the needs of its inhabitants. If still confused in looking for a minimalist minimalist kitchen design that fits, below there are some pictures of minimalist kitchen design that can be a reference material for you.

Did you know that the colorful kitchen is believed to be able to generate energy? Kitchen minimalist blend of red, white, and gray this could be your reference. Although the room feels cramped, minimalist kitchen still look nice right?

Be creative with the game of small tiles on the wall? Could be an attractive accent choice! White still dominate the kitchen to impress broad and that needs to be considered is the cleanliness of your kitchen. So no problem when combining the dining room and kitchen as long as the cleanliness is maintained.

Minimalist in dominance with wooden kitchen furniture sets? Not only a classic look, minimalist little kitchen increasingly beautiful and character.

If there is no other choice, white is the only color that is most appropriate for the color in your kitchen. Create a different impression and play through the accent of flower vases, frames, pendants and other accessories to make the kitchen look alive

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  1. neema kirk says:

    Wow!! All good I love evrything.

  2. Kaye Dwayne says:

    Beautiful kitchen. Hopefully next time you will provide a video of minimalist kitchen not only an images.

  3. Donita Gomez says:

    extreme thinkers to design that way, perfectly amusing.

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