Inspiration of Minimalist Living Room Design

Minimalist house is predicted to continue to go fast. Throughout 2013 many developers are presenting a minimalist style in the dwelling. Not only limited land area but also supported by the needs of residents. Discussing the design of a minimalist house not only seen from the facade but support for family members activities. functional, practical, and still looks dynamic. But sometimes, minimalist homes are often associated with things that are monotonous, not daring with color games, and more. Now in 2013 minimalist style house still remains a trend and growing. Not only on the facade alone, minimalist home design also creep into the interior of the house. For example in the living room area, family room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and others.

This time the house design will review the interior design of the living room. One of them with the inspiration of minimalist living room design that is now also no less a trend. The proper design of the living room will make the room comfortable. A special guest room in the house is very important, because in the guest room we host the neighbors, relatives and people who visit.

In the living room there is usually an overstuffed sofa, with windows that provide views to the garden or home page. But not all living rooms take notice of some important factors to keep up with the modern, inspiring and cool living room interior design concept, which will make your guests feel at home in the living room. Like the various collections of minimalist home design last 2012, minimalist living room design is now still not much different but more daring in choosing a color.

Minimal space demands home residents to be able to design space in a practical and functional. Not only a minimalist family room, of course, for the living room, the first impression that appears when a visiting guest is while in the living room. Character homeowners can be measured from the living room.

So what if the living room is not too broad? Many creative ways to organize a minimalist small living room to get a broad impression and more character.

Furniture Minimalis

Choosing furniture for minimalist space needs to be considered. As in the design of a minimalist home kitchen, using a minimalist furniture in the living room by choosing a sofa, table, chairs are medium size or in accordance with the living room area. Choose also some simple design with a symmetrical furniture and not much ornament, thereby reducing the impression excessive. You can use a multi-purpose furniture or easy-to-order stool to make room look spacious.

Color So Determinants

Choice of interior color or furniture that is commensurate with the color of the living room, will certainly add a more beautiful atmosphere and feel more alive. In addition you can do a soft colorful game to get a broad impression. Soft pastel colors like beige, white, ivory yellow, lime yellow, and toska are easy to combine with various types of furniture.

Accessories are not excessive

Avoid putting accessories or interior in the living room to the extent that the space does not seem narrow. Laying a mirror on space can also make the room look spacious, because the mirror character that reflects all the images or elements in front of it.

Play Aksen

Playing with an accent? Vocal point is focusing the view at one point. The goal, when viewing the room, the eyes of someone directly fixed at that point. This is to give the impression of a room that gives a thick and luxurious feel. You can make a table or sofa selected for vocal point in the family room. therefore, set the position of the sofa and table so that the center of attention in the living room as well as in other spaces.

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    so fashionable looking, the art of designing is superb

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