The idea of a Terrace Design in a Minimalist House

Minimalist house now continues to be a growing trend. Not only the interior area is displayed minimalist, exterior areas such as parks, terraces, ponds can also be made with minimalist home design trends. Just like the terrace is not only a room that meperindah garden house however.

can be used as a place of relaxation inhabitants of the house. In general, the terrace is part of the house that serves as a link between the environment outside the park and in the house. Like the interior, the exterior of the house also has ruangn that formed as on the terrace. Park as an area outside the house is a terrace companion that is also located in front of the house.

The terrace also has a floor with basic materials can be very flexible, be it using wood, ceramics, or natural stones with a rough texture. Rough texture is certainly needed to prevent slippage when the porch is wet by the rain. For areas facing outer space or garden, should not be placed the wall, especially the massive. The idea of a minimalist home terrace design also needs additional wood railing (balustrades), low walls of cement (bales) or balusterade as a barrier with a garden area should be aligned with the terrace as a whole. However, to note the existence of the ledge will add beautiful or even justruk make shortness of space.

The existence of the roof is also important, because the roof is a shelter terrace from the sun exposure maupum rain water spray. For the color selection, white on the terrace will create a fresh, neat, and clean porch. Meanwhile, black color capable mengayanganokan warm atmosphere, character, and elegant. So it is very fitting if you mix to give a touch of comfort on the porch.

By presenting a terrace on a minimalist home, it turns out the terrace is also important for health. That’s why attention to color, design needs to be considered. Whether it’s the main color or the base color, white can be an option. But do not close the possibility for you if you want to combine colors to adjust the elements of nature or green park. So, the terrace must be considered by making attractive design for the house also gives a beautiful impression. If the terrace is beautiful, you can be sure the event welcomes guests was fun. Few additional tips for you, modifying the roof of a column can improve the quality of the terrace. Coated with natural stone or combined with paint, so as to create a beautiful terrace appearance.

It would be more fun if the terrace in a minimalist home made as comfortable as possible. Here are tips to make the patio feel good:

Paint Furnishings With Bright Color

Each color must have its own effect. Like the color psychology that we can also read on this site. With the painting process is the easiest way to give a fresh, fresh, and comfortable feel to the terrace. In order not boring try to paint back the furniture that is on the porch of the house such as chairs, benches, and tables. Paint the furniture with a bright or striking color that gives a unique impression.

Pair Color

Blending colors To create a new and fun atmosphere, you can also paint the furniture that is on the terrace of the house with a wide range of colors. For example, paint the walls on a cream-colored terrace, then you can put the furniture with striking colors, like green, orange, and so forth. That way, the atmosphere of a small terrace or garden in your home becomes more comfortable and enjoyable.

Add Accessories

Add a pillow to make you and your family comfortable while on the terrace, add a pillow that can be placed on the sofa. You can choose the pillow sesui with the desired material. However, do not forget also to diligently clean it because the pillows that are outside usually gets dirty faster. That’s how to make a comfortable home terrace. If a comfortable home terrace has been created, then you and your family will feel at ease to spend time together. A comfortable home terrace can also strengthen relationships between family members.

Always update information on interior design from tips on making a one-story house design to a dream house with other modern designs.

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  1. Nancy Seavey says:

    Great Project! I wanted my terrace look like in the photos number 2. Really awesome! Who’s I will going to contact with this, please?

  2. Amber Chan says:

    very unique design,well ventilated looking.

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